Pads reduce injury on impact…and save lives

I understand this is a very large request (182 helmet pad upgrade kits) and may not be supportable. My hope is to reduce as much financial burden as possible for our young Marines. I cannot thank you and your organization enough for its dedication to these warriors over the last decade. I am the XXXX Company Commander for XXX and my staff and I have seen the preference of these kits over what we currently issue (to the point of guys practically fighting over the few helmets that have old beat up aero pads in them from Marines that have executed their EAS and purchased these pads in the past). We demand our guys to be in their gear for days at a time and although the DOD has been good about upgrading helmets the pad system is vital and the current pads are subpar at best. I’ve seen how much longer these kits last, how much more effective it makes Marines, and how it reduces injury upon impact (there are a number of gentleman still around because of this system that may not be if they had other gear). Again, thank you for your time and any help is extremely appreciated.