Pads tend to hold heat and become stiff and uncomfortable.

Kits: 7. Hometown: Canton, Georgia. Heard about us: google. Duties: infantry. Current pads: green, glued smooth. Comments: Pads tend to hold heat and become stiff and uncomfortable. At times soldiers want to take off head to get relief. PFC, US Army

Kits: 29. Hometown: Fort Benning GA, originally Grand Forks ND. Heard about us: SGM Dave [deleted] who previously used the program. Duties: Infantry / SFAB. Current pads: NSN 8470015469356. Comments: I heard about this program from a friend who had used it in the past. My unit is the new SFAB and our Soldiers are some of the only non Special Forces soldiers currently moving off the large bases here. The team would appreciate an assist on the helmet pads if available. The number specified will cover an entire SFAB company. MAJ, US Army

Kits: 17. Hometown: colorado springs. Heard about us: friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: standard issue grey helmet pads. Comments: I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with my platoon and we need some better helmet pads. We have been here only a short time and my soldiers are suffering from headaches from hardened pads. We do not have the capability to request better ones through our supply chain at this time, and I feel it would be a boost in morale if they were a little bit more comfortable doing work. SSG, US Army

Kits: 35. Hometown: . Heard about us: From last deployment in Afghanistan. Duties: Infantry,patrols,convoy,. Current pads: Standard issue. Comments: Hey guys. So we are here in [opsec] doing patrols soon we’ll be doing missions farther from our COP due to all this [opsec] scare thats going on. I’ve heard from many of our guys that they are having head aches from wearing the helmets. Some of them take the helmets off just to get some relief, even tho we are in a dangerous environment. SSG, US Army