Pain in the A__: perhaps AIR? Not likely

Thank you for your response. That request for 140 pads is not for our entire company, but for three of our reinforced platoons which for our current mission-set are transported by MV-22 Ospreys and can be wearing their helmet in the aircraft for 4-5 hours before potentially inserting into a landing zone to begin their mission. As you can imagine, the ride in the back of the aircraft is often bumpy and over long periods of time, the pads can cause compression headaches, especially if the Marines have their Night Vision Goggles attached. Additionally, many of our Marines wear the Liberator headsets wedged underneath the ECH. While the ECH is supposed to be designed for this, I can tell you from experience that compression headaches are inevitable over the long flights with our current pads. Comfort and headaches aside, I also imagine that the Oregon Aero pads would help prevent brain injury from a ‘hard landing’ of the aircraft, in addition to any hazards once the Marines disembark the aircraft to conduct the mission.

I will be sure to provide my feedback on our current pads to the websites that you listed. We have already tried to request the OpsCore high-cut helmet that MARSOC Marines are issued, in order to better support our unique mission-set, but recently received word that it was denied by the Program Manager’s office at Marine Corps Systems Command.

Please let me know if the request is feasible. If you need us to cut that requested number, I can prioritize only Marines that wear a headset under their helmet in the aircraft and not the average rifleman, but I assure you that all three platoons will be conducting this mission-set on a routine basis and have a need. Thank you very much for any help you can provide us, sir. It is greatly appreciated. 1Lt, USMC (We sent him the 140 requested)