Soldier’s reply

Dr. Meaders, thank you very much for such a quick reply to my request. I know that these new pads will be quite the blessing to me and my team. The issues with the current pads vary greatly from user to user but the one common issue that we all have is that they are extremely uncomfortable, and they have extremely poor construction. In the 8 years I have been in the Army, I have gone through approximately 16-20 sets of helmet pads. Some are defective from the minute I put them in my helmet, some just degrade over a few months but in all of them, the exterior covering peels off and the then exposed inner foam begins to come apart. The pads also create hot spots on the head that can cause head aches within minutes of putting the helmet on. This causes many issues and leads soldiers to take off their helmet every single time they get a chance. This can also slow down / delay the mission as soldiers are concentrating on the pain they are in and not the mission at hand. The icing on the cake is that the pads we all currently use, smell absolutely horrible, after just one use, and it does not get better with time. Because of the smell soldiers take them out to clean them and the lining starts coming off. Thus the never ending cycle starts yet again.