Spiffy new helmet, same crappy Team Wendy pads

A military forum suggested I contact you when I asked for options for aftermarket helmet pads. Duties: Infantry Patrols, PLT FO. Current pads: The Basic Gray Issue Pads. Comments: The current pads are extremely stiff, and especially when wearing Peltors most all of us end up removing components of the system due to head pain. This causes either a decrease in protection or soldier effectiveness. I myself went to only wearing the front and back Trapezoidal pads due to the severe headaches the small rectangular side pads gave me, specifically the front pair.

Additionally we have been issued the new IHPS helmet or “High-Cut” (not an opscore.) And the “new” pads issued with that may actually be worse than the old style, as the feel even stiffer and cause even an over sized helmet to ride to high on our heads.. SPC, US Army