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They give me a headache

Kits: 2. Hometown: Peoria illinois.  Duties: Infantry [opsec]. Current Pads: Army colored came with issued kevlar. Comments: They give me a headache . Ive had them since afghanistan. Sgt, USMC

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System Kits: 1. Duties: Currently infantry training. Current Pads: Grey and black, sewn seam, velcro. Comments: they are extremely firm, especially when it gets into the colder months, it feels like there’s rocks in my helmet. Sgt, USMC

EOD Marines requests upgrade

Kits: 1. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Explosive ordnance disposal. Current Pads: Standard greenish gray pads that are issued. Comments: Complete discomfort especially while wearing peltors and nvgs which is standard for my job. Sgt, USMC

Outfit platoon of nearly 60 Marines

Kits: 55. Hometown: Lakewood, WA. Heard about us: Co-worker. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Gentex grey 3/4″ NSN 8470-01-546-9407. Comments: I would like to outfit my platoon of nearly 60 Marines with upgraded helmet pads in preparation for our upcoming deployment. The current pads are uncomfortably hard and cause pressure (increasingly so in cold weather) and…

USMC Upgrade Request

Kits: 12. Hometown: Richlands. Heard about us: Friend and past user. Duties: Training for Deployment. Current Pads: They are grey and issued from CIF. Comments: I am currently training Marines for deployment and have the CIF issued PADs and the wearing the helmet all day long the pads are causing headaches and migrines. New pads…

2009 Marine Meetings

8/29/2009: Email to Marine Corps systems Command “Hello again, Mac. Long time no contact, but we’re still here responding to the needs and requests of combat Marines and other Warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to your putting the final touches on the new plastic helmet, I hope all concerned will take a look at…