A Thanksgiving note from our front-line troops

12/24/2016: I spoke with you on the last deployment for the 82nd Airborne, Pathfinders (now the last Pathfinder unit in the Army). The pads you sent were amazing but now another deployment is underway in a new country and as most of the company has changed out due to PCS/ETS I was wondering if your organization would be able to support the new Soldiers of the Pathfinders with their Combat Search and Rescue mission. I remember you said you were involved in search and rescue with the Navy, so you know we can never count on how to be inserted just that we will use any means to get to those who need us. I was not able to go on this deployment due to the limited numbers available but if Operation Helmet would be able to support 30 BLU6 kits for them I know they would be amazed, I know they’ve made a world of difference for the past two years for my head. Below would be the point of contact in country. I know there are many out there that have not got the chance to experience these pads so if resources must be used elsewhere then it is completely understood. We, the few that are left from last deployment still thank you everyday we have to wear those brain buckets! I wish you, your family, and those who work alongside you a very happy Thanksgiving! Thanking you in advance. SGT: USArmy Pathfinders Search and Rescue. PS: We give thanks to all who feel as we do and support our efforts to make our deployed warriors a tad safer and able to do their job in less distracting discomfort.