The Emperor’s…er, helmet’s…new clothes

11/20/19: Comments: I have had numerous complaints from my soldiers about their helmet pads being too hard or just so uncomfortable they don’t even wear their helmets. I have previously contacted this organization and we recieved enough helmet pads for my platoon and everybody loved them. The troops wear them with no issues or complaints and it even keeps them cooler than the older pads that just reel sweat and allow sweat to drip down their eyes. Shortly afterwards our sister platoon, 2 delta has had many troops request the same helmet pads. This platoon does aviation response force and requires the helmet to be worn for long flights and many people complain about the same issues. I would like to request 10 helmet pad kits for our second platoon. I understand this is volunteer driven and completely run off of donations, and I thank every single person who has participated in this donation because helmet pads are things that you only know of being an issue if you had to suffer with the same old pads. If possible any amount will be greatly appreciated by our two platoons. Thank you!. Sgt, US Army