The “pads” the army issues us might as well be concrete

The crap the Army issues us might as well be concrete

Kits: 130. Hometown: Grove City, MN. Heard about us: One of the Squad Leaders in my company told me about it. Duties: Infantry company on a Rotational deployment, all Infantry tasks. Current pads: issued, sage in color. Comments: Hard to configure for proper helmet fit. Rock hard and give headaches. Fall apart easy. Do not stay attached in the helmet very well.. 1SG, US Army

Kits: 50. Hometown: Spring Hill, FL. Heard about us: Battle Buddy. Duties: US Army aviation maintenance. Current pads: Pad, Helmet, Advanced Combat SPM1C1-12-D-B014, Green color. Comments: The pads we get from CIF are stiff and cause hotspots on our heads. During the winter time the pads get so hard that its uncomfortable to wear our ACH until the pads warm up. SFC, US Army

Kits: 55. Hometown: Fairmont. Heard about us: battle buddy. Duties: maintenance. Current pads: ach, green, velcro. Comments: most of the soldiers in the platoon are currently missing pads in their ACH’s and the velcro is no longer staying to the inside of the helmet. 2LT, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: Sheboygan Falls. Heard about us: Family. Duties: Human Resources. Current pads: Gray stick on pads CIF issue. Comments: the current pads I have, are standard issue and are probably the worst part of my helmets. They become very uncomfortable especially causing headaches after long periods of time when I can’t take it off. CPL, US Army

Kits: 38. Hometown: Riverside, CA. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: army issue. Comments: This will be my third deployment and every time you guys have sent me and my platoon new pads. You guys rock for doing this because the crap the army issues us might as well be concrete. Staff Sergeant, US Army

Kits: 2. Heard about us: ITSTACTICAL Forum. Duties: Fire support. Current pads: Standard issue pads. Comments: They current “standard issue” pads are way to hard and makes the ACH very uncomfortable when having to wear it for a long period of time like I have to. Also causes the helmet to feel lopsided when the pads are perfectly placed right. 2LT, US Army

Kits: 1. Heard about us: Google. Duties: OCS. Current pads: Green, glued, felt. Comments: My ACH causes me instant pain. I have tried numerous things to stop the pain but the only thing that will stop it is taking off the helmet. I will be attending OCS soon where I will be wearing my helmet constantly. I am nervous the pain will affect my performance and my graduating from OCS. SFC, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: Yuma AZ. Heard about us: Friend who came back from Afghanistan. Duties: PSD. Current pads: Basic issue. Comments: The same issues everyone has with them, they are too firm, don’t provide any comfort, and after wearing them for countless hours, they give me a migraine. CPL, US Army

Kits: 10. Heard about us: other website. Duties: convoy. Current pads: Issued. Comments: N/A. SPC, US Army