Thor’s hammer could not soften the density

Thor's hammer could not soften the density

Kits: 1. Hometown: Morristown, Tennessee. Duties: Combat patrols, security. Current Pads: Advanced helmet combat pad. Foliage green, glued. Texture: Thor’s hammer could not soften the density. Comments: After spending some time in the military I have come across many things that deserve improvement. Namely the helmet pads. I can not imagine where the Army was able to find such a solid, stiff material. Only after being worn for about 2 hours will the pad begin to soften, and form to the wearer. And god forbid that we wear it while there is a chill. The cold takes what seems to be an unmovable form and turns it into something even harder and less pliable. For many in my company most of the pads are removed from the helmet so that they do not cause as many headaches. This only will cause head injury to the wearer. However, not having a blasting headache distracting you from your mission, just could save your life. I have tried to find softer pads, but have however, never been able to find any. If you could please send me a pair of pads I would be forever in your debt! I would even pay you back for them! There is not enough words that can be said to describe how much just a little comfort in ones PPE [personal protective equipment] can save your life. Thank you for all that you do! You keep us going knowing we’re supported by so may patriotic Americans. Spc, US Army