Wants his troops safer from TBI

Kits: 40. Hometown: Columbia. Heard about us: Google. Duties: FIRE MISSION! (Artillery). Current Pads: Green rocks issued by CIF. Comments: Many of my young soldiers are new to the military, and the majority of them are experiencing deployment for the first time. The US Army takes TBI seriously, and I want to ensure that each and every one of my young soldiers never has to worry about their equipment actually protecting them. I have heard too many horror stories about TBI’s and how destructive they truly are. I care for my soldiers; they’re my brothers-in-arms. I simply want them to be safe, and the pads that we have been issued simply cannot keep them safe.

Artillery is a tough job, and we find ourselves in “full battle rattle” more often than not. The current issue pads for our ACH gives us headaches, does not keep the ACH properly situated on our heads, and is a constant reminder that our helmets are uncomfortable. I find soldiers hesitating to wear their ACH because they’re so uncomfortable. Any help you can give us would be much appreciated.