We will get helmet pads once in-country … in-country none

We will get helmet pads once in-country ... in-country none

Kits: 28. Hometown: Fort Carson, Colorado. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: Issued pads. Comments: During RFI issue, a lot of soldiers, myself including were not issued new pads, we were told we would get them in country, but once in country we were told they had none. SPC, US Army

Kits: 36. Hometown: Virginia Beach. Heard about us: reddit. Duties: convoy. Current pads: issued pads. Comments: Sir/Ma’am, My unit and I are currently deployed to the Middle East and when I heard about your organization I thought it could help all of us out since we are always on the road. We wear our helmets just about everyday when we are out on the road. If something as simple as helmet pads could hep keep us protected, I want to make sure all of the men and women in my company will be protected. Thank you very much, SSG, US Army

Kits: 1. Hometown: Harrisburg, PA. Heard about us: Online while shopping for new pads. Duties: Maintenance. Current pads: Olive colored. “Pad, Helmet, Advanced Combat SPM1C1-89-D-F006 Size 3/4” NSN 8478-01-546-8366 9U425 LOT TVV2318-3. Comments: I am unable to wear my ACH for long before I get headaches. The writing on the pads above was very difficult to read, I took my best guess on some of the letters or numbers. Thank you! SSG, US Army