Why the bloody HELL can’t the military/congress get their act together to save lives?

7/8/2018:. Duties: Infantry. Current pads: gray velcro pads. Comments: We are an Infantry unit and our job requires intense training and even more work when it comes to missions. The section sergeant (myself) and the platoon sergeant and another E-5 have had the same helmet pads since before our 09-10 deployment. Our 3 brand new joes have the worst pads you could put in a helmet that are practically dissengrating because while we were mobing we spent 50 days in the desert and that sand destroyed the pads. they offer little protection and fall out more than they stay in. New pads would be extremely beneficial so my platoon won’t have to worry about the cheap and old standard issue pads while we are outside the wire. We have been outside the wire 3 times in 2 days and when we aren’t outside the wire we deal with mortars and the only thing we are allowed to wear during firing mortars is our ach. this company sounds extremely beneficial for me my troops. SSG, USArmy. (PS: this is why we refuse to quit what we do; we pledged ourselves and our personal finances when other donors fall by the wayside)