Why the HELL won’t you listen to actual war fighters?

Doc Bob, Just wanted to give you an update on the packages. I received both on July 4th and immediately handed them out to my guys. They were ecstatic to have something that was 100 times more comfy for when they are on Tower Guard for 8 straight hours. Since then, we have gone on two patrols and the comfort they experienced was night and day. Many of my Soldiers have said they wish we had these the entire time and are glad to have them now moving forward. From my perspective, the ability to have the same or better level of safety while allowing my men to be more comfortable, allowing them to think clearer and focus on the task at hand is a tremendous improve. This is a product that I believe should be standard for all Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Seamen. Thank you very much for the support to our Soldiers and I know moving forward this is a product that I will spend funds on for future Platoons or Companies that I am tasked to lead. 1Lt USArmy