Yet again: Fancy new helmet, crappy old pads

8/15/2019:Comments: We are wearing the IHPS helmets, which I do not think are not on the drop down menu. The current helmet pads we have cause major pressure and comfort issues. They are the standard issued pads and are bulky and do not conduct heat well. When we patrol, the soldiers consistently have headaches and red marks on their heads once we get back to our motorpool. We are outside the wire 12-18 hours a day, in 100+ degree weather and direct sunlight. I am the Fire Support Officer assigned to this Infantry unit, and I try to get as much stuff as possible for these Paratroopers because I am tired of the Infantrymen getting shafted for equipment. Some of the junior enlisted are thinking buying their own pads and I do not think that should be a purchase they worry about. We have been on ground for about a month, and are here for another 8 months. Anything you can send us would be greatly appreciated; packages are the highlight of the soldiers week.. 2LT, US Army